What is the function of the components of the RJ45 connector

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RJ45 connector consists of four parts: body, terminal, terminal plating, shielding shell.

The main body is composed of plastic, which can isolate, protect and fix the RJ45 connector terminals. The commonly used materials are: PBT, PA66, PA46, LCP and other fireproof materials;

The terminal acts as a conductive connection in the entire circuit, and generates and maintains the pressure between the contact surface with the crystal head. Generally, phosphor bronze is used as the main material of the terminal;

The terminal coating prevents oxidation of the terminal surface, and can strengthen the conduction of the terminal contact surface. Generally, the contact surface is gold-plated, and the soldering surface is tin-plated;

The shielding shell protects and beautifies the product, and nickel-plated brass is often used as the shielding shell of the RJ45 jack connector. 

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