The working principle of a high frequency transformer

author: MagTop
high-frequency power transformers, 380v transformer
High-frequency transformers are the most important components of switching power supplies. Switching power supply generally adopts half-bridge power conversion circuit, when working, two switching transistors are turned on in turn to generate a high-frequency pulse wave of 100kHz, and then step-down through a high-frequency transformer to output low-voltage alternating current, and the ratio of turns of each winding coil of the high-frequency transformer determines the output voltage.

The main reasons for electromagnetic interference in high-frequency power transformers are also the suction force between the cores and the repulsion between the winding wires. The frequency of these forces is consistent with the operating frequency of a high-frequency power transformer,380v transformer. Therefore, a high-frequency power transformer with an operating frequency of about 100kmz does not generate audio noise below 20kHz for no special reason.

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