Attention to the problems in the drying process of high-frequency transformers

author: MagTop
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1. If the drying room is not vacuumed, the ventilation hole should be opened on the box cover or the throttle hole should be used to release moisture.

2. When using oil heating, an insulation layer should be installed outside the fuel tank, and the insulation layer can use asbestos cloth, glass cloth and other insulation materials, and flammable materials shall not be used, and corresponding fire prevention measures should be taken.

3. In order to improve the drying quality of the winding, there are two major factors that must be seriously considered: first, control the drying temperature; The second is to improve the vacuum degree of the equipment. To the first point, general
Drying equipment can meet the process requirements, for the second point, affected by many factors, must be considered and arranged reasonably, in order to achieve good drying results.

4. In the process of vacuuming during drying, in the low temperature stage of starting drying, it is not suitable to vacuum or dry under low vacuum, otherwise it is not conducive to the increase of core temperature
The elimination of moisture, when the temperature rises to 70~80 °C, the vacuum degree begins to increase. When the drying is carried out for 1~2h, there is more water vapor in the oil tank, the heat radiation capacity is improved, and the internal temperature is improved
It tends to be uniform, the moisture gradually decreases, and the thermal radiation capacity decreases.

5. The method of identifying insulation after drying and the technical indicators of the electric step up transformer for the test. After the power electronic transformer is dried, its insulation performance needs to be fully identified to check its drying effect.