Transformer identification method

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1. Transformer identification from the appearance of the common power transformer core has E shape and C shape two.E-shaped iron core transformer is shell type structure (iron core wrapped coil), using D41, D42 high quality silicon steel sheet as the core, widely used.C-type iron core transformer with cold rolled silicon steel strip as the core, small magnetic leakage, small volume, core structure (coil wrapped iron core).
2. Identify the number of leading terminals from winding Power transformers commonly have two windings, that is, a primary and a secondary winding, so there are four leading terminals.Some power transformers in order to prevent AC sound and other interference, the primary and secondary winding often add a shield layer, the shield layer is the ground terminal.Therefore, the power transformer terminal is at least 4.
3. It is recognized from the laminated silicon steel sheet that the silicon steel sheet of the E-shaped power transformer is interactively inserted, no air gap is left between the E sheet and the I sheet, and the entire iron core is tightly welded.There is a certain air gap between the E and I pieces of the audio input and output transformers, which is the most intuitive way to distinguish the power supply from the audio transformer.As for C-transformers, they are generally power transformers.

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Transformer identification