What is original jetfire transformer ?

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original jetfire transformer refers to a device that can provide enough energy to ignite pulverized coal, oil (gas) fuel and stabilize the flame in a flash.Ignition transformer is divided into commercial stoves and civil stoves: commercial use is mainly used in catering kitchen stoves ignition system, because the use of catering kitchen environment is more complex, so the choice of igniter is relatively strict civil requirements.Civil mainly used in the ignition system of household stoves, the use of environment is more simple than catering stoves, generally choose pulse type ignition more.
The composition of the ignition transformer is mainly composed of power supply, ignition coil, distributor, ignition switch, spark plug, additional resistance and its short-circuiting device, high and low voltage wire and so on.
1. Power supply: composed of battery and generator.When starting, the ignition system is provided by the battery with low voltage electric energy;After starting, when the generator voltage is higher than the battery voltage, the ignition system is provided by the generator with low-voltage electric energy.
2. Ignition coil: the 12V low-voltage electricity provided by the car power supply is converted into high voltage electricity which can break down the spark plug electrode gap.
3. Distributor: under the drive of generator camshaft, the primary current of ignition coil is switched on and cut off on time, so that the ignition coil timely generates high voltage, and the high voltage is transmitted to each cylinder spark plug according to the ignition sequence;The ignition time can be adjusted automatically and artificially.The function of the capacitor is to reduce the contact spark of the breaker and increase the secondary voltage of the ignition coil.
4, ignition switch: control ignition system low-voltage circuit on and off, control generator start and flameout.
5. Spark plug: high voltage piezoelectric is introduced into the combustion chamber to generate electric spark to ignite the mixture.
6. Additional resistance short-circuiting device: when starting, the additional resistance will be short-circuited to increase the primary current of the ignition coil and enhance the spark plug fire-jumping energy when starting.

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