Waterproof transformer low voltage

author: Kaylynn
Can the transformer for LED strip .5A be replaced by 12∨?

LED lights generally have a supply voltage and a supply voltage. If it is the power supply voltage, there is no need for an external power transformer. The lamp has a built-in transformer and is directly connected to the mains.
The power supply voltage requires an external power supply, that is, a power transformer, which can be stepped down from voltage to AC and DC, and the LED lights cannot be directly connected to the power supply.
LED power transformers are generally isolation transformers to reduce the occurrence of electric shock accidents, while underwater light transformers are waterproof transformers that need to be waterproof and can be immersed in water.
LED underwater lights indicate whether to install a transformer
If the underwater light is yes, it does not need to be connected to a transformer, but now it is rarely used as a high-voltage underwater light directly. For safety reasons, most of them are low-voltage or low-voltage, and a waterproof transformer will be used. Please contact the lighting manufacturer directly for confirmation.
How to install urban lighting engineering lamps, and urban lighting engineering installation methods?

Installation matters of LED lamps in urban lighting projects:
1. Main materials: guardrail lights (most are low voltage, some are high voltage); guardrail light installation clips, waterproof transformer, LED guardrail light master controller, LED guardrail light sub-controller.
2. Materials: male and female plugs, super five network cables, two-core power cables, self-tapping screws, expansion screws, etc.

1. Installation steps:
(1): Install the LED guardrail lights on the wall first: punch holes in the wall, install expansion screws, then install the LED guardrail lights, and lock them with self-tapping screws; the distance between the guardrail lights is determined according to customer requirements. Set; generally between 1CM to 3CM.
(2): Then connect the signal line and power line of the LED guardrail light. The signal line is generally a four-core or five-core male and female plug; the power line is a two-core male and female plug;
(3): Install the power supply (transformer or switching power supply);
(4): Calculate how many guardrail lights each transformer can carry according to the power of the transformer and the power of the guardrail lights; for example, the LED light of the lamp is /M; the LED guardrail light of the lamp is /M; if a waterproof transformer is used, then Tubes can be provided; lamps with tubes. If the transformer can have tubes; the transformer is placed between the 18th and 19th wires, and two wires come out, with 18 wires on each side.
(5): Power on, signal on:
Connect all the waterproof transformer 12v low voltage to a main power supply, and then use an air switch and a time switch;
Control the LED digital tube (LED guardrail light) to power on uniformly; then insert the plug on the main controller into the power supply.
(6): System debugging: After the controller and the LED digital tube (LED guardrail tube) are powered on; there may be some tube programs that do not move, or individual tubes can not operate normally; remove the bad LED guardrail light and replace it with a backup tube until functioning properly.