Transformer safety test

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At present, more and more attention is paid to the safety of electrical products in the world. Almost all electrical products need to be tested for safety specifications before leaving the factory. The most common test item is the withstand voltage test. Generally, the output voltage of the withstand voltage tester can be as high as 5000v or more, and the operation is frequent. If the operator accidentally touches the high-voltage output terminal or the object to be tested, the hazard of high-voltage electric shock will occur.
The withstand voltage tester we use can prevent the operator from being shocked by high voltage, which is very in line with the current safety production requirements. The withstand voltage test is mainly because the temperature rise of the long-term load operation of the transformer reduces the breakdown voltage of the insulating medium, causing partial discharge, and the power absorbed by the electrolyte through the external alternating electric field, that is, the dielectric loss will increase significantly, resulting in serious dielectric heating. As the conductance of the dielectric increases, the large current in this part will also generate heat, which will continue to increase the temperature of the dielectric, which in turn will increase the conductance of the dielectric. It can be seen that it is extremely necessary to use the withstand voltage test to detect whether the power transformer contains longitudinal insulation defects.
 The transformers manufactured by Magtop are shipped only after passing the full inspection, and the quality and safety are guaranteed.

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