What are the differences between the RJ45 connector and the RJ45 interface?

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RJ45 Multi Port
RJ45 generally refers to the IEC (60)603-7 standardization, the use of the international connector standard definition of 8 bearings (8 pins) modular jack or plug, so the RJ45 interface is also known as 8j crystal head or crystal head, crystal head for the male head.

The RJ45 network interface is widely used to connect network cables (called class 5 cables or twisted pair cables) between LAN and ADSL broadband Internet users' network devices.
And the RJ45 socket, RJ45 connector, RJ45 network interface, RJ45 mother, network connector.
The RJ45 connector refers to the RJ45 connector in the RJ45 connector. It is mainly used in devices such as Ethernet nics, routers, switches, set-top boxes, and security cameras.

4 factors of touch resistance and reliability of the RJ45 network connector PIN

The touch resistance of the RJ45 Multi Ports PIN is mainly affected by the material, vertical pressure, appearance, applied voltage and current of the touch piece.

1. Touch material

Network connector skill conditions for different materials made of the same specification of the plug touch, rules for different touch resistance check targets.
Quick separation Environmental resistant electrical Connectors, General Specification GJB101-86, insert touch resistors of 1mm diameter, copper alloy ≤5 mω, iron alloy ≤15 mω.

2. The appearance of the touch surface is straight pressure

The outward straightness pressure of a touch piece refers to the force exerted by the outward appearance of touching each other and perpendicular to the outward appearance of touching.
With the addition of direct pressure, the number and area of touch dots are gradually increased, and the touch dots transition from elastic deformation to plastic deformation.
Because the concentration resistance gradually decreases, so that the touch resistance decreases.

Touch positive pressure depends primarily on the shape and material properties of touch parts.

3. Appearance and shape

Appearance shape, including the shape of the design and the environmental conditions and may touch a appearance because of the dust, rosin, oil and other mechanical attachment accumulation in contact appearance of relatively loose surface film, the film of table with a particulate matter easily touch the appearance of embedded hidden in microscopic pits, the touch area is narrow, touch resistance increases, and is highly safe.
Second, the pollution film formed by physical adsorption and chemical adsorption is mainly chemical adsorption on the metal surface, which is accompanied by electron relocation after physical adsorption.
Therefore, for some products with high reliability requirements, such as aerospace electrical connectors, it is necessary to have clean assembly and production environmental conditions, perfect cleaning process and necessary structural sealing methods, and it is necessary for the application unit to have good storage and operation environmental conditions.

4, the use of voltage

When the voltage reaches a certain threshold, the touch film will be broken down, and the touch resistance will drop quickly.
But because the thermal effect accelerates the chemical reaction in the adjacent area of the film layer, it has a certain repairing effect on the film layer.
So the resistance is nonlinear.
In the vicinity of the threshold voltage, small fluctuations in the voltage drop can cause the current to change perhaps twenty or tens of times.
Make the touch resistance attack greatly changed, do not understand this situation will be in the test and use of touch parts when the attack error.

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