There are several structures of connector terminals

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Rj45 Single Port ,Rj45 Multi Port

According to the function, the connector terminal structure can be divided into three main areas: transition area, insertion area and pressing area.
The transition area is the part between the connector terminal insertion area and the crimping area. The transition area includes the elastic sheet or the terminal adapter. The transition zone is also designed to be unaffected during the pressing process. If the position of the elastic sheet or terminal lip is changed, the performance of the connector will also be affected.

The insertion area is the part where the connector terminal is inserted with the other half of the connection terminal, which can be divided into pinhole and hole type. This part is designed by the connector designer to be connected with the docking terminal. If the connection part is deformed during pressing, the performance of the connector will be reduced.
The crimping area is the part to realize the connection of wires and terminals. The pressing zone is the only part of the design that is affected by the pressing process. Using the termination equipment recommended by the connector manufacturer, clamp the crimping area to firmly connect the cable. Ideally, all work to press the terminal on the cable will only occur in the crimping area.

Although the value of RJ45 connector/usb connector terminals is not high, it is difficult to predict the effect of small size with great energy. The connector terminal acts as a bridge, and the consequences of bridge collapse are unimaginable.
In addition, requirements shall be specified when selecting terminal connectors. For example, how many signals are there in total? Because signal combination will affect connector type, pin arrangement and wiring (high frequency signals may require coaxial connection, while low level analog signals may require shielding.).
In addition, some signal combinations cannot be included in the same connector. If high-voltage pins are involved, creepage distance and clearance distance may need to be considered. If there is a high current path, multiple pins and larger wires may be required. If it is based on unique cases and design requirements, a customized solution may also be required.

1. Current rating is the most important standard for selecting terminal connectors. It is a measure of the amount of current that can flow through matching terminals. It is ideally expressed in amperes of each circuit. The current should be adjusted or reduced according to the temperature rise of adjacent terminals and the number of circuits in a given housing. The size and weight of the terminal connector decreases as the available space decreases. However, their ability to withstand increased mating and mismatch frequencies has greatly increased, so depending on your project and its design requirements, you may need to look for more options in the terminal connector.

2. Most electrical connectors will be affected by extreme conditions such as vibration and shock, while cable connectors and terminal connectors specially designed for extreme conditions and hazardous environments have special functions of resisting vibration and shock and withstanding extreme temperatures. Therefore, the appropriate terminal connector can be selected according to the location of the terminal connector, the vicinity of the heat source, the working temperature and the frequency of matching and canceling matching.

3. Reliability is another important factor to consider when purchasing terminal connectors. However, reliability is a complex concept and depends on several factors. The exact number is difficult to determine, but some connectors have specifications for mean time to failure. This can be used as a guide for selecting the appropriate connector for any application. Certain environments need to prevent the intrusion of flammable or combustible gases, vapours, dust, or liquids. The terminal connector has environmental sealing performance, which can effectively prevent accidental splash. Once you know the required security level, you can verify the IP class number in the IP code system and know whether you have selected the correct terminal connector.

4. Terminal materials and electroplating are usually the last factors to be considered, but since most terminal connectors are made of nylon plastic, they have a high flammability level of flame resistance continuity. Standard options available include tin, lead, and selected gold for most applications. The substrate is usually made of phosphor bronze or brass because they have excellent strength and current carrying capacity even if they are exposed to high ambient temperature for a long time.

5. The price of connector is usually calculated based on the total cost including socket and plug, the cost of terminal connector and the labor cost of connecting the wire to the terminal and inserting it into the shell. Therefore, the most important standard will determine the type and size of electrical connector. Other factors to consider here include operating voltage, wire size, configuration, meshing force and circuit size.

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