What are the reasons for transformer noise?

author: MagTop
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When the flyback transformer is in normal operation, the noise and sound will occur to a certain extent.
So today, let us talk about why the current transformer noise and noise of several conditions.

We should all know that in the normal operation of the transformer two of the most critical work objectives, one is safety, in addition to a high efficiency, some manufacturers in the sales market will value the safety factor of the transformer.

The noise emitted by the transformer is generally the oscillation of the transformer body caused by the deformation of the iron core and the winding rules of the coil or by magnetostriction.

The specific actual situation, it will generally be the iron core, one is the winding of the coil, and one is the cooling equipment.
Of course, there are some harmonics, ah, grid pollution will form transformer noise.

Transformer in no-load condition, sometimes there will be noise, for example, in the case of transformer electromagnetization, such as the size of the silicon steel sheet has changed slightly.

The magnetic material of the silicon steel sheet, and the size of the silicon steel sheet.
Another is the power supply frequency, which sometimes occurs more than the second harmonic high frequency waves.
At this time, it will have resonance phenomenon, so that the noise becomes louder.

Therefore, transformer planning workers should pay special attention to the relevant points.