Why Switching Power Transformers Can Change Voltage

author: MagTop
switching power supply transformer,step-down low-frequency transformer
The switching power supply transformer is a kind of power transmission or an important part of signal transmission, which mainly uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to transmit power or signal from one circuit to another circuit. When the alternating current passes through the primary coil, an alternating magnetic flux is generated in the iron core (or magnetic core), and a voltage (or current) is induced in the secondary coil. The switching power supply transformer consists of an iron core (or magnetic core) and a coil. Coils have two or more windings. The winding connected to the power source is called the primary coil and the other windings are called the secondary coil.

Current flows in from the primary coil and out from the secondary coil. If the number of turns of the primary coil is greater than the number of turns of the secondary coil, the voltage on the secondary coil will decrease, which is a step-down low-frequency transformer; on the contrary, if the number of turns of the primary coil is less than the number of turns of the secondary coil, then the secondary coil The voltage on it will rise, which is called a boost low frequency transformer.
Note that any high frequency transformer can only transfer power from primary to secondary. Increase or decrease voltage, but not power. High frequency transformer primary and secondary
The ratio of the stage voltages is equal to the ratio of the secondary and primary currents. Disregarding the high frequency transformer loss, it can be said that the primary input power is equal to the secondary output power.

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