Which toroidal transformer, square transformer and switching power supply is more suitable for use as a car charger

author: KZ
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With the development of the times and the improvement of people's economic level, cars have gradually become a necessity for every family and even everyone. Looking back on the development of the automobile industry over the past century, today's automobile industry has gradually been updated from the traditional fuel era to the relatively environmentally friendly new energy era, and the functions of the car have also been updated from the previous transportation to the driving experience, etc. More in line with people's own more Functional Requirements. As an accessory of the car, the car charger is divided into three types according to the device used: toroidal transformer charger, EI square transformer charger, and switching power supply charger. Today, we will compare the advantages and disadvantages of these three kinds of car charging devices to objectively analyze which car charger is better!

1. Toroidal transformer: The toroidal transformer is made of silicon steel sheet with high-conductivity core without air gap. It has the characteristics of high magnetic flux, small magnetic leakage, no interference, and low temperature rise. The working efficiency is as high as 95%, which is more suitable for long time. run. Compared with square transformers and switching power supplies, toroidal transformers are easier to saturate, bulkier, longer and more expensive. But toroidal transformers above 100W are less expensive to build.
2. Square transformer: The iron core of the square transformer is EI laminated silicon steel sheet iron core. The small core gap and small magnetic resistance can increase the magnetic flux of the transformer. Square transformers are often used in occasions where DC current is passed through, which can effectively avoid the phenomenon of DC current being too saturated. The work efficiency is generally about 85%, and it has the advantage of low cost of small power transformers. However, there will be the phenomenon of magnetic leakage and low frequency interference, and the cost of high power is also very high, and it has the shortcomings of easy to get hot and short life.
3. Switching power supply transformer: Compared with square transformers and toroidal transformers, switching power supply transformer has advantages in transportation, installation, weight, voltage regulation, etc., its efficiency is relatively low, and its temperature rise is also high, and its service life rarely exceeds 2 years, but the rings and squares are still in use for 10 years.
After the above analysis and comparison of toroidal transformers, EI square transformers and switching power supplies, we know that relatively speaking, choosing toroidal transformers will improve the performance of car chargers in all aspects. If you want to lower the price, you can choose switching power supply chargers.