Common mode Choke inductor

author: MagTop
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In an ideal inductance model, all the flux is concentrated in the center of the coil after winding. But usually the loop coil is not wound all the way around, or not tightly wound, which can cause leakage of magnetic flux.
A common-mode inductor has two windings with a considerable gap between them, so that a flux leak is generated and a differential mode inductor is formed. Therefore, common - mode inductors generally have a certain attenuation ability of differential - mode interference.
In filter design, we can also use leakage inductance.
For example, in the ordinary filter, only a common mode inductor is installed, and the leakage inductance of the common mode inductor is used to generate an appropriate amount of differential mode inductor to inhibit the differential mode current. Sometimes, the leakage inductance of the common mode choke is increased artificially to improve the differential mode inductance, so as to achieve better filtering effect.