Toroidal Common mode Choke inductor

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Toroidal type of iron core advantages: Toroidal Common mode Choke inductor
High initial permeability (this is the basic requirement of common-mode inductance), high saturation magnetic induction intensity, stable temperature compared with ferrite (can be understood as low temperature rise),
flexible frequency characteristics, because of high permeability, small can make a large amount of sense, adapt to the frequency is relatively wide;
Overall Advantages:
Because the initial magnetic conductivity is 5-20 times that of ferrite, the inhibition effect on conduction interference is much greater than that of ferrite. The high saturation magnetic induction intensity of nanocrystalline is better than that of ferrite, so it is not easy to saturate under large current.
The temperature rise is lower than that of the UF series. One person's actual test: nearly 10 degrees lower at room temperature (personal test values are for reference only);
The flexibility of the structure makes it adaptable, which can be adapted to different needs by changing the processing technology (I have seen the magnetic ring inductance usedin energy-saving lamps, which is quite flexible); The distributed capacitance will be smaller because the wound area is wider and the volume is relatively small; The number of turns used in the circle is less, the distribution parameter is smaller, and the efficiency is
Overall Disadvantages:
Magnetic ring aperture is small, the machine is difficult to thread, need to manually winding, time-consuming and laborious, high processing cost, low efficiency. This is especially important at a time when cost pressures are increasing.
Compared with UF, it has little advantage in pressure resistance: because it can be seen that many magnetic rings are separated by cable ties in the middle, which is not very reliable. Some of them are separated by a certain distance, and the lines are fixed with glue for a long time. How about the reliability? If the inductance requirement is relatively large, the wires will be crowded together, and there is a little doubt on the safety.
Inconvenient installation, high failure rate.