How to deal with high-frequency transformer short-circuit faults

author: MagTop
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(1) When replacing the insulation, the insulation performance should be guaranteed
The insulation performance of the replacement is tested during processing, and it can be used only if it meets the requirements. Particular attention should be paid to the insulation of the lead bracket wooden block. Before installation, the wooden block should be placed in hot high-frequency transformer oil at about 80°C for a period of time to ensure the insulation of the wooden block.

(2) The insulation test of high-frequency transformer should be carried out within 24 hours of high-frequency transformer oil injection
Since some moist insulation parts will be soaked in hot oil for a long time, moisture will spread to the insulation surface, so insulation defects cannot be detected after oil injection.

(3) Pay attention to the sharp corners of the iron core when installing the core
When installing a yoke on the core, pay attention to the sharp angle of the core chip, and the insulation between the oil passages should be measured in time, especially the sharp angle of the chip at the oil passage to prevent the chip overlapping and causing the core to be grounded at multiple points.

(4) Replace the winding material with strong short-circuit resistance

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