How to keep a high frequency transformer dry after a short circuit

author: MagTop
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Due to short circuits, 220v transformers often require a long time to maintain. In order to prevent the high-frequency transformer from getting wet, two measures can be taken:

(1) Before the end of work, buckle the cover of the high-frequency transformer, evacuate the high-frequency transformer with a vacuum pump, remove the free water on the surface of the high-frequency transformer body, and remove the vacuum with dry nitrogen or dry air when working the next day. Generally, high-frequency transformers can be put into operation directly after 24 hours of hot oil circulation after maintenance.

(2) Do a good job of rainproof measures for high-frequency transformers after work every day, and dry the high-frequency transformer/customied transformer with hot oil spray after all the work is completed, which generally takes 7~10 days.