How to solve the heating of high frequency transformer

author: MagTop
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In the design process of high-frequency transformers, we should pay attention to the problem of heat generation. First of all, it is necessary to consider whether the magnetic core meets the circuit standards. The magnetic core should be divided into magnetic cores of various materials, and should match the corresponding magnetic materials of various circuits. Choose the correct one. The material of the magnetic core is the key that it does not heat up. In addition, power is also very important. When the power of the circuit is very large and the selected transformer is very small, the power will of course be small, which is also the second cause of heat generation.

The third reason for its heat is the problem of copper wire. When the current of the copper wire is insufficient, or the quality of the copper wire is relatively poor, it will also cause heat. There are also circuit design, and the operating frequency of the circuit is one of the reasons for heat generation.

AUTO Transformer heating is a very critical step in our design process. We have to consider many factors, including circuit matching degree, voltage difference between high and low voltage, current intensity in the line, etc., which are all very important reasons for the heating of our high-frequency transformers.