Low frequency transformers’working principle

author: MagTop
SMD power transformer,High Frequency Tansformer, Low Frequency Tansformer,Toroidal Tranformer
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Tongue mouth 32 mm, 34 mm thick, 96 mm wide, the maximum power to use how thick line, tongue mouth
refers to, The EI type transformer core cross-sectional arearefers to E piece in a horizontal (party's mouth in the
middle of inserting Satons transformer bobbin),
the width of thecore tongue wide mouth with insert transformer bobbin all E piece of the total thickness of the
pile of thick product among the simplest means of
Transformer bobbin square opening area,SMD power transformer corearea refers to the set of the parts by the coil:
Tongue wide x fold thick = cross-sectional area, unit: cm2

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