The main materials of switching power supply transformers

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The main materials of switching power supply transformers: magnetic materials, wire materials and insulation materials are the core of switching transformers.

Pressure-sensitive tape: insulation tape has high electrical resistance, easy to use and good mechanical properties, and is widely used in interlayer, intergroup insulation and outsourcing insulation of switching transformer coils. The following requirements must be met: good viscosity, peel resistance, with a certain tensile strength, good insulation performance, good pressure resistance, flame retardant and high temperature resistance.

Bobbin material: switch transforer skeleton and the general transformer skeleton is different, in addition to as the coil insulation and support materials, but also undertakes the installation of the entire transformer fixed and positioning role, so the material to make the skeleton in addition to meet the insulation requirements, but also should have considerable tensile strength, at the same time in order to withstand the welding heat of the pins, the heat deformation temperature of the skeleton material is required to be higher than 200 ° C, the material must achieve flame retardancy, and should also be processable, easy to process into various shapes.

Magnetic material: The magnetic material used in the switching transformer is a soft magnetic ferrite, which can be divided into two categories: MnZn series and NiZn system according to its composition and application frequency. The former has high permeability and high saturated magnetic induction, with low losses in the IF and LF ranges. There are many shapes of the core, such as EI type, E type, EC type and so on.
Wire material an enameled wire: generally used to wound small electronic transformers enameled wire has high-strength polyester enameled wire (QZ)) and polyurethane enameled wire (QA) two. According to the thickness of the paint layer, it is divided into two types: type 1 (thin paint type) and type 2 (thick paint type). The former insulation coating is polyester paint, which has superior heat resistance and insulation resistance of up to 60kv/mm; The latter insulation layer is polyurethane paint, which has strong self-adhesiveness and self-welding performance (380 °C), which can be directly welded without removing the paint film.