Seven advantages of low-frequency transformers:

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Seven advantages of low-frequency transformers:

1. Low standby energy consumption, lower no-load loss in standby season, more energy-saving;

2. High work efficiency, high energy conversion efficiency, efficient green power supply.

3. There is no high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, and the impact of the power frequency electric field and magnetic field generated by it on the environment and human body is negligible, and it is a healthy power supply.

4. Good low temperature characteristics, can still start normally in the environment of minus 40 degrees, work for a long time.

5. Small internal resistance, strong anti-interference ability, small size, cost-effective high-power power supply.

6. Excellent electrical properties, its electrical strength and moisture resistance are much higher than industry standards.

7. Good low temperature characteristics, some transformers can still start normally at -30 °C.

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