The basic structure of high-frequency transformer

author: MagTop
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1. Iron core: stacked high-frequency transformer silicon steel sheet, winding iron core transformer core using silicon steel sheet. Under the action of the alternating current of the primary coil, a power frequency alternating magnetic flux is formed, and an electromotive force is induced in the secondary coil through the alternating magnetic flux in the core, thereby forming a low-voltage power supply. The iron core is the main body that completes the conversion of electric energy, magnetic energy and electric energy.

2. Winding: Generally, insulated flat copper wire or round copper wire is wound on a winding mold. Primary and secondary (high and low pressure) groups are included. The primary coil introduces the primary electrical energy into the transformer, one part completes the excitation process, and the other fills the secondary coil, which converts the magnetic energy into electrical energy and transmits it. The coils are usually connected according to a certain circuit connection.

3. Body insulation: including primary insulation, inter-turn insulation, with iron core insulation and with shell insulation. The materials used are cardboard, epoxy resin, various insulation materials, transformer oil, etc. Among them, transformer oil not only has a good insulation function, but also helps the flyback transformer to dissipate heat and is used to cool the iron core and coil in operation.