The Classification of high-frequency transformers

author: MagTop
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1. Classification by use: it can be divided into three categories, namely power supply high-frequency transformers, power supply high-frequency transformers and special high-frequency transformers.
Power supply high-frequency transformer, commonly used in TV, radio, etc. , belongs to the category of low-voltage electricity.

Power supply high-frequency transformers are usually lines above 10kV, and their main function is to reduce the voltage to the voltage used at all levels, so as to meet the power demand everywhere.

Special high-frequency transformers are not very common in everyday life. Its main application place is the factory, which is used in dustproof, heat-resistant, moisture-proof and other places with special requirements.

2. Classification according to cooling medium: dry high-frequency transformers, liquid (oil) immersed high-frequency transformers, gas-filled high-frequency transformers are common.
In daily life, dry HF transformers and oil-immersed HF transformers are often confused. In fact, they can be distinguished simply by appearance and location.

In appearance, dry high-frequency transformers can directly see the iron core and coil, while oil high-frequency transformers can only see the shell of high-frequency transformers.

From the point of view of the place of use, dry-type high-frequency transformers are mostly used in places that require "fireproof" and "explosion-proof", generally used in large buildings and high-rise buildings, while oil high-frequency transformers are mostly used outdoors and places with "accident oil pools", because the probability of oil spraying or leakage after failure is high, which is easy to cause fire.

In addition, the capacity of oil-immersed high-frequency transformers is larger than that of dry high-frequency transformers, but the price of dry-in-high frequency transformers is higher than that of oil-immersed high-frequency transformers at the same capacity.