What instruments are used to test high-frequency transformers?

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As an important part of the power system, high-frequency transformers play an important role in step-up and step-down to ensure power safety. For high-frequency transformers after a period of operation, regular testing should also be carried out to prevent major failures and affect power safety. So, what are the common instruments and equipment for detecting high-frequency transformers?

High-frequency transformer capacity characteristic tester: The purpose of this instrument is to accurately measure the high-frequency transformer capacity of various power distribution systems. It is suitable for cases where the nameplate is missing and it is necessary to confirm that the actual capacity is consistent with the capacity marked on the nameplate. It can perform passive measurement, automatic waveform distortion correction, temperature correction, voltage correction, current correction, etc. Easy and quick operation.

High frequency transformer DC resistance tester: This instrument can measure the DC resistance of three-phase winding of large-capacity high-frequency transformer. Using a dual power supply structure, the high-frequency transformer YN is connected to the tap to realize power on when the three are the same. The test data is stable and fast, and it is the choice for on-site measurement of DC resistance of high-frequency transformers.

High-frequency transformer no-load short circuit tester: This instrument replaces the traditional power tester, has the advantages of fast measurement speed, high precision, easy to use, etc., suitable for on-site testing.

High frequency transformer transformer bank tester: This instrument regularly tests the turns ratio or voltage ratio of high-frequency transformers, including semi-finished products and finished products in the production process. Before putting into operation and during the operation of the power system, the high-frequency transformer can complete the three-phase transformer transformation ratio test in one go, and the measurement speed is fast. High accuracy and greatly improved test efficiency. 

#12v 10 amp transformer,electronic transformer 12v#