The difference between high frequency transformer and low frequency transformer

author: MagTop
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High frequency transformer:

1. High frequency transformer: The power transformer whose working frequency exceeds the intermediate frequency (10kHz).

2. High frequency transformer: mainly used as high frequency switching power supply transformer in high frequency switching power supply, and also used in high frequency inverter power supply and high frequency inverter welding machine as high frequency transformer.
frequency inverter power transformer.

3. High-frequency transformers use high-frequency ferrite cores

Low frequency transformer:

1. Ordinary transformers are used to change voltage (current, impedance) and transmit electrical energy. It consists of a primary coil, one to several secondary coils and an iron core
(At high frequencies, air-core coils are commonly used). For the same inductance, the inductive reactance gradually increases as the frequency increases, so in order to adapt to the transmission of high-frequency signals, the transformer must be
It is necessary to use a small number of turns to adapt to the frequency, or even wind it into a hollow coil, and some microwave transmissions are wound into 3/4 turns or 1/2 turns.

2. Low frequency transformer: mainly used in low frequency switching power supply transformer, audio transformer, home appliance speaker equipment, security monitoring equipment, broadcasting system,, solar wind energy.

3. Low-frequency transformers generally use silicon steel sheets with high magnetic permeability