The difference between RJ45 interface and RJ11 interface

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 The RJ45 interface is usually used for data transmission and is made of eight cores. The most common application is the network card interface. The RJ11 interface is similar to the RJ45 interface, but only has 4 pins (8 for RJ45). The following is the main difference between the RJ45 interface and the RJ11 interface, the specific content is as follows:
The difference between RJ45 interface and RJ11 interface 1. Because RJ11 is not internationally standardized, its size, insertion force, insertion angle, etc. are not uniformly in accordance with international standard connector design requirements, so interoperability cannot be guaranteed. They even cause destruction in both. Since an RJ11 plug is smaller than an RJ45 jack, the plastic parts on either side of the plug will damage the metal pins of the jack it is inserted into.
The difference between RJ45 interface and RJ11 interface 2. Different standards and different sizes. Due to the different sizes of the two (RJ11 is 4 or 6 pins, RJ45 is an 8 pin connector), obviously the RJ45 plug cannot be inserted into the RJ11 jack. The reverse is physically possible (RJ11 plugs are smaller than RJ45 jacks), which creates the illusion that the two should or could work together. Actually not. It is strongly recommended not to use RJ11 plugs for RJ45 jacks.
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