What is the detailed production process of high frequency transformer?

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1. High frequency transformer winding

(1) The first material confirmation

When the unused PIN needs to be cut off, it should be cut off before winding, so as not to scratch the WIRE or cut the wrong foot when it is cut off after winding, and it can prevent the wrong foot entangling when winding, and confirm the BOBBIN is intact:
The BOBBIN shall be properly inserted into the fixture without any damage or crack. It is specially marked as PIN 1 (the bevel Angle is PIN 1). If it is not indicated on the drawing, then PIN 1 should face the machine.
In principle, the winding should be done within the specified range.

(2) Winding method

According to the different requirements of the transformer, the winding method can be roughly divided into a layer of dense winding, equal winding, multi-layer dense winding, positioning winding, and winding and other methods.

2. Copper foil

Copper foil winding process, types of copper foil and its effect in transformers;
We have two kinds of bare copper adhesive in the shape of copper foil: the copper foil surface with a layer of TAPE is the back adhesive, and the reverse is the bare copper;
It is divided into inner copper and outer copper in different positions in the transformer.
Bare copper is generally used for the outer copper of transformers.
Copper foil generally plays a shielding effect in 220v transformer, which is mainly to reduce leakage and excitation current. When the current passed by the winding is too high, it can replace copper wire and act as conductor.

3. Wrap tape

The tape must be tightly wrapped and flat. It cannot be turned over and punctured. It cannot expose the copper wire.
The outermost tape should not be wrapped too tightly to avoid affecting the beauty of the product.

4. Press your feet

Press foot operation, straighten out the copper wire and wrap it on the corresponding foot, use diagonal pliers to wrap the copper wire tightly and press it to the bottom of the foot close to the stop wall, cut off excess wire, coil number depends on the number of wire diameter, copper wire must be close to the foot, it is estimated that the height of the solder will not exceed the pier;
Do not leave wire head, do not crush feet, do not break copper wire, do not damage the model, too much copper wire can be twisted, 0.8T winding wire head should lean inward on the pin.