Advantages of High Current Chip Inductors in Integrated Chip Inductors

Advantages of high current chip inductor: good divergence, high reliability, and excellent magnetic stability and temperature stability: there are unique characteristics in consumer technology that any other soft magnetic materials do not have, which is good shape controllability and performance controllability.
1、 What is the material of high current chip inductance package?
The four point packaging method can be basically understood as compared with the full packaging; After the tolerance and fit assembly of magnetic core and magnetic ring; The magnetic ring is square when designing the magnetic ring inductance coil; The magnetic core is round; It can be seen that the combination of these two sets of data creates a gap; This gap must be sealed by the package data; Due to the small clearance of CKO73 series; Generally, the four corners of the square magnetic ring can be sealed; SMD power inductor is magnetic covering.
Because the appearance of the four point package is less beautiful than that of the full package; Therefore, the chip power inductor with full package structure is extended.
The so-called full package means that except for the four corners to be sealed; Remote parts of the magnetic core must also be encapsulated; In this way, the structure of the full package has a strong sense of integrity; However, the effect of magnetic shielding is similar to that of four point packaging; However, one more process will be added in the process; Quite speaking, the cost is slightly higher; But in the market, full package inductors are more popular; Therefore, when choosing the cost investment, many businesses choose the chip power inductor with four point packaging; Components are originally built-in objects; In fact, the importance of aesthetics is not in the position of "* *".
High current chip inductance
2、 What are the main parameters of high current SMD inductive packaging?
Some common parameters of high current chip inductor:
1. Inductance: the property of inductor. The smaller the ripple, the better the energy storage effect, and the greater the inductance; However, the larger the inductance is, the larger the request size is. With the increase of its DCR, the more the partial voltage is, which affects the power supply; When the inductance is small, the energy storage and filtering effects will become worse. So choosing power inductor is to separate many aspects.
2. Equivalent DC resistance (DCR): the resistance value of the power inductor when passing DC current is related to the data used for winding the inductor, working frequency and its own temperature, which affects IRMS.
3. Self resonance frequency (SRF): the resonance frequency F0 of the parallel resonant circuit composed of the chip inductor's own inductance and dispersion capacitors. When this F0 is exceeded, the inductance will behave as a capacitive effect. When it is below this F0, the inductance will behave as an inductive effect (the impedance will increase with the increase of frequency).
4. Inductance tolerance: the allowable tolerance of the practical inductance relative to the nominal inductance.
5. Rated current (IDC): The rated current of the power inductor has two resolution methods: "rated current based on the progress of its own temperature" and "rated current based on the change rate of inductance value", which are of great significance respectively.