Principle, function and structure of wireless charging coil

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Wireless charging coil Wireless charging system first chooses the principle of electromagnetic induction, through the intermittent energy coupling coil to end the energy transmission.
When the system works, the input terminal converts AC mains power into DC power through the full bridge rectifier circuit, or directly uses 24V DC power to supply power to the system.
After the output direct current passes through the power processing module, it is converted into high frequency alternating current through 2M active crystal oscillator inverter to supply the primary winding.
By coupling the energy of the two induction coils, the receiving conversion circuit converts the current output from the secondary coil into direct current to charge the battery.
The square wave output of the active crystal oscillator of the wireless charger coil is filtered by the second-order low-pass filter to obtain the stable sinusoidal wave output. After passing through the Class C extension circuit composed of the triode 13003 and its peripheral circuit, it is output to the parallel resonant circuit composed of the coil and capacitor, and radiates in to provide energy for the receiving part.
The hollow coupling coil of the parallel resonant circuit composed of capacitors has a linear diameter of 0.5mm, a diameter of 7 cm, an inductance of 47 uH and a carrier frequency of 2 MHz.
According to the parallel resonance formula, the matching capacitor C is about 140 pF. Therefore, the transmitting part selects the power carrier frequency attacked by a 2MHz active crystal oscillator close to the resonant frequency.
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