Two characteristics of high frequency transformers

author: MagTop
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A high-frequency transformer is a special type of high-frequency transformer commonly used in power systems, especially when starting up a buck. So what are the two characteristics of high-frequency transformers?

1. The primary of the high-frequency transformer shares a set of coils, and the voltage can be raised and lowered with different taps. If there are fewer taps than ordinary coils, this section is used for bucking, otherwise it is used for boosting.

2. Compared with isolated high-frequency transformers of the same capacity, high-frequency transformers have the characteristics of small size and light weight, and at the same time greatly reduce their production costs. High-frequency transformers generally use magnetic cores instead of iron cores. The high-frequency transformer is small in size, with a small number of turns in the primary coil and high efficiency.

A high-frequency transformer, as the name suggests, is a power electronic instrument that changes the voltage. It is a device that uses the principle of Faraday electromagnetic induction to change the AC voltage, mainly composed of a primary coil, an iron core and a secondary coil. It can realize the matching conversion of input and output current, voltage, and impedance, and can also achieve primary physical isolation. According to the different primary voltages, it can be divided into step-down high-frequency transformers, step-up high-frequency transformers, isolated high-frequency transformers, etc.